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This is Cape Smiley Town

Where everyone lives happily together

This Is Cape Smiley Town
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This is Cape Smiley Town, a province of Cape Coral. Yes, a province. No, we are not Canadian. Here you can safely pay taxes and get them returned in other forms. All people are treated equal. All people have equal rights. Join us.

Bus, Marie.
Secretary, Toomey.
Lifeguard, Chelsea.
CSTPD, Erik.
Hobo Rep and Newscaster, Klanci.
Dog Catcher, Kylee.
Exterminator, Dani.
Postman, Derek.
Judge, Matt.
Poet/Porn, Veronica.
Good Semeritan, Lisa.
Paper Maker, Tayelor.
Teacher, Amber.
Slutty Lawyer, Kaitlyn.
Publicist, Helen.
Town Blonde, Jessica Terry.
7-11, Billy.
Pilot, Fahim.
Thrift Store, Katie Wheeler.
Automotive, Jenn.
Plastic Surgeon, Caitlin.
Mafia Boss, Brennan.
Dentist, DJ.
Plumber, Adam.
Religous Doctor, Courtney.
Sixth grade rep/Preteen Affairs, Mark B.
Jail Keep, Max.
Barber, Juan.
Camp. Tech./Rabbi, Connor.
Random Mustache, Caleb.
Therapist, Mark F.
Jail Keep Asisstant, Blake.
Gym Trainer, Armando.
Immigrant, Johnathon R.
Movie Star, Amanda.
Cheyenne, Photographer.
Librarian, Nikki B.
Town Whore, Brittany.
Hair Dresser, Kristen T.
Foreman/Contractor, Stephen P.
Mercenary, Hudson

.:.Cape Smiley Town Leaders.:.
-Matthew Booth-
-Derek Brockway-